Moderate May Weather in Southern California Makes Gardening Easy

Temperatures in the 70s are the barometer for May so getting outdoors in the garden for continued periods is a affable experience–before the calefaction of summer bliss in.

Prune Bounce Flowers: Winter rains meant aboriginal blooms. Some of those flowers are starting to lose their luster. Prune bounce flowers from shrubs and plants. Many will blossom afresh in summer.

Still Time to Plant Vegetable and Flowers From Seed: Plant zinnia, marigolds, impatiens and petunias from seed. Heat-loving tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, squashes, melons, pumpkins and a lot of beans stalks can aswell be buried from berry in May anon into garden soil.

Start An Herb Garden: There is annihilation like beginning herbs if cooking. Herb area are simple to alpha and maintain. They do decidedly able-bodied in bounce and summer and don’t crave lots of watering. Basil, dill and cilantro are anniversary herbs. If buried now, they will endure until fall. Other herbs are perennials. Once planted, they charge to be cut aback from time to time to aftermath about year round. These cover sage, rosemary, Italian basil, oregano, parsley, excellent and thyme.

Plant No-Fail Vegetation: Don’t accept a blooming deride but still wish a admirable garden? Here are plants to add to your garden that are so hardy, they are about absurd to kill. They cover Lily-of-the-Nile (purple flowers), African iris (usually white or chicken flowers), sea lavender (looks acceptable even if the flowers dry) and California blush (red or orange blooms). All charge little baptize or fertilizer. They can be alone for months and will still administer to survive.

Get Rid of Weeds Now: Remove weeds while the clay is still somewhat clammy from winter rains and afore the weeds accept a adventitious to annual and advance their seeds. Be accessible to accomplish to a day of austere weeding. Ideally, edger by hand, authoritative abiding you cull the edger from its roots. Weeding is important if you accept dogs. Foxtails, California bur clover (with baby annoying balls) and barrier parsley (yellow flowers but adhesive burrs) should all be removed on sight. Adding a few layers of admixture over the clay can anticipate weeds from regrowing.

Thin Bake-apple Trees: Many of the baby adolescent bake-apple actualization on copse in May will by itself abatement off this month. Thin abate bake-apple from the branches. By accomplishing so, stronger bake-apple will abound beyond and tastier.

Plant A Fig Tree: An easy-to-grow bake-apple timberline is the fig. It loves hot, dry summers and air-conditioned wet winters and is aridity tolerant. Figs don’t apperception Santa Ana apprehension and poor soil. Best of all, your fig timberline can be pruned to any admeasurement that fits your backyard and still aftermath fruit.